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The Biggest Video App Launch Coming In 2022

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Welcome fellow JV’s!

I know that might seem a little pretentious to announce the biggest video app launch this year, but with what we’ve been working…there’s no way that the market won’t be excited to have this app in their marketing arsenal.

It doesn’t matter the market. Doesn’t matter the industry. Doesn’t matter the niche.

They Could Be:

Affiliate Marketers

Digital Product


Network Marketers


Coaches and

Local Agencies

Local Servicemen

Government Agencies

Local Businesses

Ecom Marketers

And Much More…

Simply put, video IS the #1 form of content consumed online and everyone uses it for their business. If they don’t, they will at some point and when that happens, they’ll need the best solution available.

VidKreate IS that solution.

Every single entrepreneur that sells any product or service will benefit from VidKreate and be glad you recommended it to them.

Why Promote VidKreate?

4 Reasons…


VidKreate Replaces Tons of Monthly Subscription
Tools While Providing Way More Value.

Currently, your subscribers are spending hundreds if not thousands on a number platforms combined when it comes to their video needs. Apps like Wistia, Camtasia, Descript, Adobe, and other solutions are draining their pockets dry.

They only continue to do this because those apps are only a piece of the entire puzzle. But VidKreate addresses all those needs and then some.

Imagine being able to combine the ability to record video, host it, share it, import it and other videos you don’t own, edit videos, add elements that make them stand out, create content gates, purchase buttons, and a slew of other features…and you’ve got SOME, not all of what VidKreate can do.

And it does it for only a fraction of what those other apps cost combined. Oh, and for a low one time investment…which makes it even more attractive to subscribers. But that’s not all…


VidKreate Also Includes DRM, Which Addresses
A HUGE Problem With Content Creators Getting Their
Content Downloaded, Stolen, and Resold For Pennies.

VidKreate Helps Keeps Money In THEIR Pocket
AND Increases Their Revenue…

It’s becoming more commonplace to find high ticket courses and content available online for sale through underhanded means. That’s because these thieves use video downloaders to steal the videos in members’ areas, then package them for a fraction of the real course.

It’s for this reason that we’ve integrated DRM (digital rights management) into VidKreate. This deters this thieving behavior which means consumers have the buy the course from the product owner.

This helps them make more money from their knowledge, which they also can use VidKreate to display.

Which brings us to our next point…


VidKreate COMBINES A Ton of Features That
Every Entrepreneur Needs Under One Roof.

And Even Some They Didn’t Know They Needed Too!

We can’t even begin to say how crazy this app is when it comes to features.  It’s absolutely bonkers.  The amount that we’re giving away on the FE deserves its own $297/mo price!

VidKreate is a full fledged suite when it comes to video.  You could say it’s the swiss knife of video apps!

Just Take A Look At These Featuers That’s Included With VidKreate:


VidKreate Is An EASY Sale

When you look at all the features included with VidKreate FE AND the fact that people can ditch other expensive monthly subscription apps, taking you up on buying VidKreate is truly a no brainer.

Once they see for themselves everything that VidKreate can do for their business, VidKreate will literally sell itself. You only need to send the emails.

Here’s Our High Converting Funnel

Designed To Help You Make Up To $1,555 Just By Pressing Send…

We’ve Designed The Funnel To Help You Get Paid Very Handsomely.
Here’s Our Roadmap:

Legendary Video App

Users will receive access to every feature listed above.

VidKreate Pro

Unlocks all limitations and gives users  ADDITIONAL features not seen in FE. 

Marketing Suite


Gives users the list building and monetization integration features.

VidKreate DEEP Performance & Analytics


Opens up a plethora of data for users in their VidKreate dashboard so they can create even more successful campaigns. 

VidKreate Pro

Gives user an opportunity to have a six or seven figure agency using VidKreates tools.

VidKreate Reseller

There’s Over $7,500 On The Table In Prizes

Just Waiting For You To Get Your Share!

We’re giving away tons of cash during this launch. So why not get a piece of the action? Plus, we’ll have other contests where you can earn more as well. Here’s the prize list:

1st Place $2,000

2nd Place $1,000

3rd Place $500  

4th Place $200

5th Place $100   

Want To See What VidKreate Can Do?

(Prepare To Be Amazed…)

This Launch Will Be BIG!

Just Like My Other Launches Where We’ve Paid Over
$200,000 In Commissions
To Happy Partners200

We’re no slouches when it comes to developing products that people want to buy.  As a matter of fact, we’ve got 4 number of launches under our belt and have paid over $147,000 in affiliate commissions to date.

And yet…we expect VidKreate to be our biggest yet!

I’m One Of The Top JVZoo Affiliates of 2022.
So You Can Count On Me To Recip and Bring The Heat!

You Can’t Fake Results. That’s Exactly What I Have.
I’ve Been Killing Affiliate Promos For All Of 2022.

Take A Look:

I’m always for helping out a fellow partner with their launches and promotions.  As a matter of fact, I’ve generated a total of  $250,000 in sales for partners up to this point. 

And when I mail…as you can see above…I go hard and try to get every last drop of profit out of the promo. 

Here Are Some Of My Most Successful Promos:

Need Promo Tools?  No Problem…

Launch Doc


Graphics & Banners

We’re Going Live September 5th, 11am EST

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